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Rural house in Salamanca with pool

Rural house in Salamanca with pool

La Chirumba, has a heated pool inside a private spa for our guests. Rest and relaxation at your fingertips.

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Turkish bath, with 100% humidity and a temperature of 45º, combining cycles of 15 minutes, with water baths in the pool, I personally have not found anything that relaxes as much as these cycles.


country house-spa-la-chirumba- (21)Inside the heated pool, we also have a jacuzzi and water jets, which we can enjoy at any time.


country house-spa-la-chirumba- (19)A heated fiber pool , decorated with greca type tile, which incorporates a Roman staircase, in which a jacuzzi has been installed, with jets of water, air and water-air.

It also has a waterfall of great flow in stainless steel, as well as a jet of great pressure.

Water is a source of life and also a source of health. Known since ancient times its therapeutic virtues, today hydrotherapy is still used to improve bone, muscle or circulatory ailments and for other types of disorders, such as anxiety, stress and psychic exhaustion.

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic process that treats the body with water at different temperatures. Depending on the application, there are different treatments. Heated pool with pressure waterfall and jets.

Indoor heated pool at a temperature of 31ºC, with beneficial effects against fatigue, stress and irritability. Moisturizes the skin and relaxes muscle tensions.

Hot water bath. The controlled action of the pressure counter-current jets and the cascade are an effective remedy for circulatory problems and muscle relaxation.

The heated pool is located in the basement of the house, as well as the cellar, they are in the same building and are for exclusive and private use, for the clients of Casa Rural Spa La Chirumba, the schedule of use is at the will of the clients.

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