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What we take to the rural house for the children




casa rural la chirumbaThe day of your stay is approaching and there have been no major complications. Celebrating is a success! Now it's time for the easiest thing: enjoy the weekend with your family.

Children adapt better than we think, but it is true that you have to do a little planning to carry everything you need in your suitcase and that you do not catch any setback.

This is our list of must-haves in your suitcase for any rural getaway with children. We are one of those who try to prevent than cure, so the list is quite long and, therefore, we usually end up using a suitcase for our children and another suitcase for us.

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1. Pacifiers or sleeping dolls

Take away what calms your baby when he wants to sleep or is tired. You will soon see that that night you will not sleep at home and, to make it easier for you to be as comfortable as possible, the ideal is to have something that reminds you of your nights at home. If you go with a pacifier, take several with you in case they get lost or get dirty.

2. Baby-listening

Bring some listener-babies, to be able to leave the children in a room sleeping, the siesta while we have just had lunch, dinner or we are chatting on the terrace, cellar or pool.

3. Regular meals at home

I advise you to take some lunches and dinners from home. For two reasons: the first, to avoid always having to go to restaurants or having to go through the supermarket for a weekend; and the second, to create a homemade climate and for children to eat quietly in a new place.

You can make a small planning of varied lunches / dinners, choosing your favorite foods. Leave for Monday that dinner that does not like too much to facilitate the adaptation. If you are very organized, you can even bring the first meal already made. And if you go in a group, make a list and let everyone bring something.

4. Lots of extra clothes

Choose several changes: in case it is cold, in case it is hot, if it cools down at night, in case it gets stained by eating, in case it vomits… If once you pack your suitcase it seems that you are carrying too many clothes for only two days, you are fine.

5. Favorite Movies

Both in the attic room, and in the projector of the cellar, you can put your favorite movies or series, we have a pc connected to the projector and a 55" plasma TV

6. A toy or story of your own

We have some toys and stories, but it does not hurt that you take his favorite story or that doll or toy that he never gets tired of. They can be very useful in some moment of chaos or for the trip by car to the accommodation. Something that never fails: a notebook to paint and colors.


casa rural spa la chirumba 6 1

7. Things for the pool

The pool is heated and open all year round, do not forget to bring what you consider appropriate for children to enjoy the pool, sleeves, churros, water games

8. First aid kit

Prepare a toiletry bag with basic medicines in case you have a fever, malaise or itching. Some basics to travel with children: apiretal (paracetamol), ibruprofen (the famous "dalsy" or similar), thermometer, creams, anti-mosquito citronella, high protection sunscreen … And of course, check that you carry your health card and other documentation of the baby / child.

In Aldeatejada we have a family doctor and 4 km a health center (Tejares), for emergencies and the clinical hospital of Salamanca 5 km.

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